Sunday 17 August 2014

Tips to keep your Cotton Saree in a good condition for a long time

Cotton is always comfortable and favourite for many Indian women, but not preferred due to maintenance problems. We have some easy tips to prevent fade out the colour. The cotton Saree becomes smooth for more washes, so use some simple tips to maintain your cotton Saree brittleness and as new as for ever.

1.    When you wash the Saree for the first time, Dip the Saree in warm water mixed with rock salt for 10-15 minutes. This locks the Saree colour and prevent fade out even after later washes.

2.    Dip the Cotton Saree in Ritha(Soap Nuts) water, It will condition the Saree and keep it fresh for long time.

3.    A liquid starch is available in stores, add 15 to 20ml amount of liquid starch into 2 mugs of water and can keep your Saree 15 to 20 minutes.

4.    Use the Dry iron for ironing the Saree when dry, as it is the best one.


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