Tuesday 10 June 2014

Why Mangalagiri sarees? What special on it?

Mangalagiri is well known for handwoven fabrics which are woven in a pit-loom, a traditional handloom. Most of the families in this town are into weaving from their past generations. The most woven and famous products are Sarees, Chudidhars, Punjabi Kurta, Salwar and Dupatta.

These products are well accepted and known for their durability, comfort and use of the purest and finest cotton. The most used designs in the woven products are that of lines, checks, and plain patterns. There are top notch fabrics, however the saree colors get drained after a few years of regular use.

One thing about Mangalagiri's woven products is that it stands out from other such products in its unique designs and the fact that the pure cotton being used, the product embraces the body without constraints and gives comfort on wearing them.

You can get Mangalagiri sarees in Etsy. you can check below link of Uppada midnight blue silk saree.


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